Information Center Herrenstraße 14 D-76437 Rastatt
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Germany office registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Germany office registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Information Center Herrenstraße 14 D-76437 Rastatt

Service-Quality Certification

Neutral testing – recognized certification

We are the only health tourism agency that has a TÜV certification.

Why is certification so important?

Our certificate and annual certification serve as objective proof of quality. On the way to certification, we were accompanied by an external auditor who annually provides support, training, and auditing. The main focus is on service promises, identifying and monitoring quality-related advice and service both on-site in Istanbul and Germany, and determining customer and employee satisfaction.

TÜV tested: At home and abroad, this attribute is associated with safety, reliability, and quality. The TÜV certification company evaluates and certifies compliance with legal requirements and voluntary standards during certification:

  • Our service quality, as well as our service promises, which we communicate publicly, have been tested in all treatment areas (hair transplantation, eye laser, cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics) after an internal and external audit, both in Germany (Rastatt) and in Turkey (Istanbul).
  • Thus, as a patient, you can be sure that our promises are neutrally tested and recognized since they are TÜV-certified.

All of our patients who have used our services in the various treatments can participate in a customer service survey. We look forward to your feedback.



Renewed TÜV Saarland-Certification 

TÜV certifications ensure that the interests of management, customers, and employees as well as partners are aligned. For each of these groups, the testing has its own unique requirements. If these interlock harmoniously, this increases the satisfaction of customers and employees. That's why we have ourselves audited annually to improve quality and keep it that way. Once again, all processes have been audited and the requirements met. Thus, a neutral inspection authority guarantees the quality that we promise you.


TÜV Saarland Certification

TÜV Saarland-Certification 

Due to some internal changes at TÜV Nord, we tried to get a certification at TÜV Saarland. For you, as a patient, this means a renewed confirmation of a second neutral instance, which is a plus for you. Besides, the new Data Protection Act came into force this year, which is why we had to prove that we meet all requirements regarding the storage and use of data; because your security is important to us.


JCI Certification

2nd JCI Clinic Certification

The clinic is also subject to constant control by the JCI. The JCI also achieved recertification with flying colors. Therefore, you can continue to expect a high level of service and quality. From admission to the clinic to treatment and follow-up, everything complies with the usual European standard.


TÜV NORD Certificate

Renewed TÜV Nord certification

Of course, a certification does not stay eternally. We have to improve our quality every year and continue to do so. In 2014, the second certification test started, and again, all processes were checked, and the second certificate was issued.


JCI Certification

1st JCI certification of the Medistate Clinic

Quality is our obligation! Since we want to offer this quality not only in our service but also in the clinic, we wanted our clinic to strive for quality certification. The American testing company Joint Commission International only tests clinics worldwide for over 600 criteria; hygiene, patient care, and organization are just a few keywords. This was unavoidable because we attach great importance to the impeccable quality of care and treatment.


TÜV NORD Certificate

The first step in the right direction! The TÜV Nord certification in 2012...

Since the quality of our services and the feeling of safety of our patients are important to us, we wanted to stand out from the crowd and call in a neutral expert. This has led us to strive for certification via TÜV Nord. All processes, promises, and procedures were checked. Finally, we achieved the certificate in 2012, which we are very proud of as we are the first and only agency to pass this test. Thus, a neutral control authority guarantees the quality that we promise you.