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Germany office registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Germany office registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Information Center Herrenstraße 14 D-76437 Rastatt

Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

Medibeauty Clinic - General Information

The Medistate Clinic is one of the best and most experienced private clinics with an international JCI certificate. It is equipped with the latest scientific and technological equipment. In addition to friendly and competent care for your hair transplant surgery, the clinic also offers state-of-the-art operating and treatment rooms. The clinic is centrally located and can therefore be reached quickly from both airports. A modern and pleasant environment for your successful cosmetic surgery is thus guaranteed in every case.

JCI Certificate Clinic
JCI Certificate Clinic mobile

JCI-certified clinic!

We refer you exclusively to JCI-tested and certified clinics equipped with ultra-modern and technically flawless operating theatres used for the respective treatment. JCI certification procedure checks whether the internal procedures guarantee a consistently high quality of treatment and care to ensure internal quality management. The clinic has been JCI certified since 2014 and implements its goals at an international level.

Test content: Around 600 criteria are tested, including patient rights, continuity of medical care, and staff training. Further information about JCI:

Medibeauty Klinik istanbul
Medibeauty Klinik istanbul

International Department - Medibeauty

The Medibeauty Clinic is affiliated with the Medistate Clinic and is the clinic's international beauty department. All our patients are accommodated in the international department. German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish speaking staff are always at your disposal. During all preliminary examinations and the operations, we guarantee that you will be able to speak in your native language.

Hair transplant clinic Istanbul
Hair transplant clinic Istanbul

High-quality GHARIENI couches in the hair transplant surgery rooms

We are the only clinic in Istanbul that thinks about your lying comfort and attaches great importance to it. All operating rooms in the clinic are equipped with GHARIENI reclining technology.

XXL couch of 92 cm width
Smart-Thermo Special: Heating system for loungers
up to six motors for height, back, leg, and foot adjustment
Comfortable, extra-thick cushions give you the ultimate relaxation experience
Made in Germany - for over 25 years

Hair transplant clinic technology
Hair transplant clinic technology

Technical standards of the clinic

The clinic is equipped with the latest scientific and technological equipment. In hair transplantation, for example, the Comfort-In painless anesthesia without a needle and the FUE Gold technique are our standards! All hair transplants are performed exclusively with the FUE Gold method.

Hair transplant clinic Experience
Hair transplant clinic Experience

Success through quality and over 30 years of experience!

Practice and experience are decisive for hair transplants! Our partner medical team in Istanbul have an excellent reputation because of their extensive experience in hair transplant techniques. We have been working with the same surgeons for over 12 years. They perform 5-12 hair transplant operations daily. All hair transplant preliminary and follow-up examinations are carried out under the supervision of a professor and the head dermatologist Op.Dr.Bugce, who is also present at the computer analysis. Experience means quality.

Hair Transplant Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to regain more life quality through full hair, you should consider a hair transplant in Istanbul. You don't have to sacrifice quality because the doctors on site are perfectly trained to have extensive experience with hair transplants and work according to the strictest hygiene standards. We offer complete packages for hair transplantation in Istanbul, including flight, hospital stay, transplantation, and airport transfers.

Despite the low cost, you can be confident that the operation is serious. The price advantages are caused by the cost of living, which is significantly lower in Turkey than in Europe. Health tourism in Istanbul boosts the country's economy. As many patients have undergone hair transplants with their holidays in Turkey, the clinics can offer favorable package prices. The various certificates of the hair clinics prove how reputable hair transplantation is in Istanbul.

Hair transplantation in Istanbul should be generally painless. It will be performed at local anesthesia. However, the injection of the local anesthetic could be a little painful. Those who decide on an anesthetic without punctures receive the local anesthetic pressed into the scalp with a high-pressure pen. After the anesthetic, the hair transplant is painless.

It depends on the transplantation method. In the case of the FUE method's hair transplantation, which is the preferred method of our clinic in Istanbul, the patient cannot avoid having his head shaved. This is the only way for the doctor to select the hair roots suitable for transplantation of the patient's own hair.