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Germany office registered in 2008, TÜV Certificated service quality since 2012!
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Hair transplant in Istanbul

Your trip to Istanbul and your hair transplant treatment should take 4 days (3 nights). However, if you have time problems, you can travel for one or two nights. In this case, you should arrange all dates and times with us in advance. Weekend transplantation (arriving on Friday and returning on Sunday) is also possible.

In the following, we explain the course of treatment within these 4 days.
You will receive your booking documents, flight tickets (if these are to be booked by us), and a detailed travel plan file.

For your service, we have compiled a guideline for your hair transplant journey.
Here you can view your itinerary in detail before booking.

Step by step - Your itinerary!

Day 1

Hair transplant Itinerary in Istanbul day 1-1
  • After passport control and luggage reception, please proceed to the reception hall of the airport. He will be waiting for you with a Beauty Travels 24 sign.
  • The transfer service will then drive you to the clinic.
  • He will contact your assistant while you are still driving.
    He will welcome you in Istanbul and give you essential tips for your stay and explain the exact procedure, i.e., pick-up times on the next day, breakfast times in the hotel, etc. It is important to us that you never feel abandoned and know what to expect. You can also ask about the best places to see in Istanbul on your arrival evening.
Hair transplant Itinerary in Istanbul day 1-2
  • Check-in at your chosen hotel. You can also ask at the hotel for your WIFI code, so you are always available for everyone, even in Turkey. On this day, you have the time at your disposal! You can have fun in the steam bath, hammam, and SPA area (because after the operation, you are not allowed to do this) in the hotel.
  • You can take a look at the city. It has a lot to offer. Whether Eminönü, Grand Bazar, the world-famous Galata Bridge, or the Galata Tower next door, don't miss a thing.
  • Afterward, please take a good rest for the next day.

Day 2

Hair transplant Itinerary in Istanbul day 2-1
  • You will be picked up from the hotel in the morning (you will be informed of the time by telephone upon arrival) and taken directly to the clinic.
  • Arrival at the clinic
    Now the preliminary examination, the detailed hair analysis, and the discussion with the doctor take place. Your English doctor will be with you during this consultation and also afterward! (Tip: Please write down your questions in advance so that you don't forget anything. Please take your time during this meeting and ask any questions before your operation!).
  • During this preliminary discussion, it will be determined how many grafts can be removed and how the distribution should be on the head. If you still agree with everything after this discussion, it will go to the cash register.
  • Payment will only be made after the preliminary examination; no advance payment is necessary with us! There, the 150 Euro for your flight will be deducted before payment of the treatment costs.
  • After the discussion, the blood sample and the blood test in the laboratory follow.
  • Afterwards, the operation preparation takes place, i.e., clothes and slippers are handed in, and you are brought to the treatment room.
Hair transplant Itinerary in Istanbul day 2-2
  • The operation: First, you will be given a local anesthetic, not a general anesthetic.
  • Your donor zone will be treated, and the grafts will be removed. These are examined in the same room and placed in bowls. You can view and count your grafts.
  • The recipient zone will now be prepared next. The channels are opened according to your natural hair.
  • After the preparation of the recipient zone, you will receive a nutritious lunch.
  • Afterward, the operation continues, and the grafts are inserted. The entire operation can take eight to ten hours.
  • You will be driven to your hotel in the evening after the operation and should rest afterwards.
  • Until 8 p.m., your English-speaking care is in the clinic. During the operation, you will receive competent and highly qualified care from the surgical team of Prof.Dr. Ismail

Day 3

Hair transplant Itinerary in Istanbul day 3-1
  • On the third day, you will again be picked up from your hotel. You will be informed of the time you will be picked up after the operation.
  • A follow-up examination follows this with a discussion, a change of bandages, and the first hair wash by the doctors. However, if the crust formation has already started, the washing cannot be carried out immediately.
  • In this case, we will explain exactly how to wash the hair 3 days after the operation.
  • You will also receive the special hair care products from the Hair Vital line, a shampoo specially developed for hair care with the appropriate pre-treatment lotion.
Hair transplant Itinerary in Istanbul day 3-2
  • You will also receive your English invoice and warranty.
  • After the check-up, you will be taken to your hotel. After that, the time is at your disposal.
  • If you wish, you can visit the metropolis of Istanbul! You can also ask your assistant in the clinic for useful tips.
  • Would you like to have a Bosporus boat tour? To explore the city's beauty on the water and have a unique experience, just get in touch with us.

Day 4

Hair transplant Itinerary in Istanbul day 4
  • Usually, if you have enough time before your departure, you can also enjoy the city, the culinary delights of the city, or take a walk by the sea on this day before the chauffeur picks you up.
  • If necessary, you may deposit your luggage at the reception after checking out until departure.
  • In rare cases, however, a follow-up examination is scheduled on this day. This happens rarely and is a purely precautionary measure. However, you will be informed ahead of time. You can also demand it yourself.
  • You will be picked up from your hotel 3-4 hours before your flight. These times will also be announced on-site.
  • You will then be taken to the airport, where you can check-in at your leisure and prepare for your return flight.


Itinerary in Istanbul

Hair transplant Itinerary Frequently Asked Questions

First of all there is a consultation with the doctor. You inform him about your lifestyle, known diseases, allergies and the intake of medication. Then the scalp is examined with a demoscope. Before the hair transplant, the doctor will carry out a blood test to determine deficiencies and diseases.

In fact, shaving is always required for hair transplantation.

After the consultation, the surgeon draws the hairline. It can be corrected individually. Either the entire head or only the hair removal area at the back of the head is shaved. Afterwards, the removal and transplantation area is locally anesthetized. Then the hair is removed from the donor area with a hollow needle. Until they are transplanted, they lie in a nutrient solution. Small channels are pricked in the receiving area. They pick up the new hair. The hairs are implanted and the procedure is now complete. From now on the healing process begins.

Coffee drinking is not allowed on the day of hair transplantation. Coffee is already allowed the following day. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided for at least ten days after the procedure, as both increase the blood circulation and delay the healing of the wound.